Le Clair

With the help of actress Brittany Snow, Coppertone held an event in Beverly Hills where people fell in love with Coppertone ClearlySheer.

They just didn’t know it…

The stunt generated huge buzz across the web and social media and—most importantly—quadrupled product awareness.

Finding Dory

We partnered with an obscure animation studio to make a spot tied to a tiny film about a fish with short-term memory loss. God, I really hope the movie finds an audience.

Hello Sunshine

We were tasked with coming up with Coppertone’s new global brand campaign, about as good an assignment as you can get. (Though, ironically, it meant spending most of our summer indoors. Ah, the joys of advertising.) “Hello Sunshine” came out of the simple idea of taking something out of the vernacular and claiming it as our own. When you say hello to sunshine, you're saying--oh, just scroll down (and down and down) and read it for yourself...


Hello Instagram

There’s a reason Instagram is one of the most popular apps in the world. People love posting photos of themselves, especially when they're outside under the sun. We made it even more fun to do so by creating a “Hello _______” microsite where people could playfully caption their photos and share them directly with their social networks.

We also utilized new technology that banned photos taken with selfie sticks. Okay, that’s not the least bit true, but wouldn’t that be awesome?



Tactical Social Posts

National Watermelon Day. National S’mores Day. Hug Your Cat Day. The summer is filled with some pretty special days. So we created some pretty special posts for our favorites (well, the client’s favorites) and posted them on Facebook and Instagram throughout the season. By the way, National S’mores Day is August 10. Please plan accordingly.

Posted on May 5, Cinco de Mayo. Obviously.

Posted at the start of long weekends throughout the summer. Less obviously.