New Yorker Partnership

To illustrate the global reach of HSBC (“the world’s local bank”) to New Yorkers, we partnered with The New Yorker to create a set of four custom covers, each focusing on a different international city. The inside front and back covers featured region-specific reviews and cartoons, as well as localized versions of the magazine’s “Talk of the Town” section.

Business Banking

To reinforce HSBC’s global business banking credentials—8,000 offices in 65 countries—to small to midsize international companies, we created a highly-targeted print campaign to work in conjunction with homepage takeovers on strategically chosen sites (,,

Wealth Management

Through a combination of unique placements (newspaper margins, iPhone apps, online stock tickers) and unique ads (executions referred directly to the articles, graphs or tickers they were adjacent to) we demonstrated that HSBC’s 2,000+ financial advisors worldwide obtained vital game-changing information before anyone else in the industry.





While the Citis and BoAs were talking about rates of return and portfolio management, we wanted to do something a little less expected for Premier, HSBC’s most upscale offering. We wanted to show that sharing wealth was just as important as building it. Equally challenging—as this was a global spot—was making sure whatever we came up with could work in every country HSBC had a presence in, from the United States to the United Arab Emirates.