To further spread the Rolling Rock message—in a world of fancy microbrews and trendy additives, Rolling Rock will always be Rolling Rock, i.e., good old-fashioned beer—we complemented traditional media placements with select guerrilla placements.


As any beer drinker knows, Rolling Rock owns the number 33. So much so that we made it their tagline. But we didn’t stop there: We ran teaser ads on page 33 of print publications featuring only a “33” in the bottom right corner where the page number would normally be.

Rolling Rock Day

Getting “33” out there and making it synonymous with Rolling Rock also allowed us to do something else. It allowed us to turn an ordinary day into a holiday. March 3rd—aka 3/3— is now officially Rolling Rock Day, celebrated annually at bars across the nation. (It also allowed us—nay, compelled us—to bring back the fez, the official hat of Rolling Rock Day.)